[Wine] Jump Raven

xyzzy1 at hotpop.com xyzzy1 at hotpop.com
Wed Mar 22 07:46:31 CST 2006

Has anybody had any success getting Jump Raven to install, much less run?  I 
bought the game many years ago and thought I would try it out on Wine, seeing 
as it is a Windows 3.1 game and probably won't work in XP.

Fedora Core 4 all updated except for the last kernel, wine-0.9.10 (Fedora's 
packaged version).

I am running off of the CD at /media/cdecorder. The setup proceeds showing me 
a window saying "Initializing Setup..." and then an error message with 
"Insufficient memory or disk space".  This is, of course, a completely bogus 
error. I have gigabytes of diskspace and lots of memory.

Any suggestions on how I can run wine to try to debug this?  Are Windows 3.1 
applications even supported?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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