[Wine] getwinegit.sh 0.31 released!

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 15:36:14 CST 2006

OK, I'm tired now but this is a new release an it owns ;). It should
be quite stable but I didn't test it. So what has changed:

0.31    One more Release, I'm glad about this one
        - Some smaller an greater Fixes
        - After Compiling, the Script creates a helperfile to help mode 4
        - Sections in Logfile
        - Trap included to handle ctrl+c
        - Implemented a small sleeper to give you a chance to stop the
script before it starts to clean the source

This is one of the last versions. The last version will be called 1.0.
(maybe the next one?)

If you miss a feature... write to the mailinglist.
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