AW: [Wine] Ugly menu/dialog font of applications, using debian sarge and wine 0.9.8 and 0.9.22

Wolfram Lechner wolfram.lechner at
Sun Nov 12 03:19:13 CST 2006

Hello Jens,

thank you for the quick suggestion, and sorry for my delay in replying.

Here the results:

When I created the folder /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF and copied all
windows .ttf-Fonts into that folder the menus of my wine applications became
However, the dialog boxes still had the old malfunction (wrong font, no
umlauts, distortion of boxes).
After quite a bit of unsuccessful experimenting I recalled that I had read
something about the font installation in the wineusr-guide, here it is:

"3.3.3. Fonts
Font configuration, once a nasty problem, is now much simpler. If you have a
collection of TrueType fonts in Windows it's simply a matter of copying the
.ttf files into c:\windows\fonts. "

At the time of first reading I had not understood what folder they meant.
But now, I decided that they were talking about the  (debian) folder
'/home/username/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts', which is an empty folder after
So I moved the .ttf-Fonts from the /TTF-folder to this ~/.wine/.../ folder.
Now, the menus as well as the dialog boxes were fine!
But, only with the (wine provided) application 'wordpad' the menus were bad
again; however wine's 'notepad' was still fine...
As a remedy, I now copied the .ttf-Fonts additionally back into the
TTF-folder, that is, I have them twice... Now wine wordpad is also fine (Of
course, this wordpad is only a testing instrument with not very much
functionality in it).

So, thanks to you (and the other fellows who made good suggestions)!


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Hallo Wolfram,

maybe this the same problem I had for a long time. See:

Hope this helps,

wolfram lechner schrieb:
> hello,
> I have a problem with an unsuitable font in the
> windows menus/dialogs with the above versions of wine
> (dont think this depends much on the versions, though.
> Have not tried other versions so far.) when using
> debian sarge.
> The font seems to look a bit ugly, usually destroys
> partly the menu/dialog structures, and, most
> important, has no German umlaut's (the diphtongs ae,
> oe, ue and others) which I need definitely.
> I have, on an old small HD, a 'trial' debian sarge
> wine0.9.8 installation that does not have this defect:
> There the font has the umlauts, looks pretty and does
> not destroy menu/dialog elements.
> Similarly, on 2 SuSE9.3/wine installations the problem
> is also not present.
> Somehow I will have to change the system font I
> supppose!??
> In the user /.wine configuration directory there are
> several (reg-)files with relation also to fonts. But I
> could not make succesful font changes by editing any
> of these files.
> Moreover, I copied the 'good' .wine-configuration
> files from the above old trial debian HD to my 2
> troubled installations - without any remarkable effect
> on the behaviour of wine at all...
> I would be lucky to get some help...
> Wolfram Lechner
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