[Wine] Using winelib to link to a Windows library on Linux?

James Colannino james at colannino.org
Sun Nov 19 12:37:13 CST 2006

I think the answer is going to be no :-P  However, I have to try...  Is 
it possible to link to a development library that was compiled on 
Windows to a Linux executable that was written using WineLib, either 
statically or dynamically?  Not a DLL, but rather a *.lib file that was 
compiled with Visual C++ (I'm under the impression that this is just an 
object file that gets linked into a final executable during the linking 
process, but through my searching on Google I wasn't able to determine 
if this is true.)  It's definately not an ELF, so I can't just use ld (I 
already tried, just on the off chance it would do something...)  Any 
help would be greatly appreciated :)

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