[Wine] Reflex XTR in Linux

Adam Gibson agibson at ptm.com
Mon Nov 27 13:31:36 CST 2006

Jorge Alves wrote:
> Hello all.
> Anybody here had success with install and running RC Reflex XTR 
> simulator in linux using Wine??
> I manage to do the install, but failed to install the Reflex usb 
> interface, therefore was unable to control the models.
> Thanks in advance for any tips,
> Jorge
I doubt any RC Sim that has USB joystick/dongle protection will work in 
Wine(which is all of them that I know of).  They do not seem to install 
any special driver in WindowsXP/Vista so they are probably seen as 
generic USB devices of some kind.  I don't think Wine supports USB at 
all from the searching I have done.  I have RealFlight G3.5 and it 
requires dual booting into Windows to work because of the USB 
dongle/tx/joystick protection.

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