[Wine] windows programms starting linux programms

Jan Murawski der at oelgoetze.de
Tue Nov 21 13:39:34 CST 2006

>> I have got the following problem: I'd like to use the windows version
>> of firefox in linux. 
> There's your problem. Why on earth would you ever want to do that? Some 
> researhc project maybe? Or do you need some Flash/ActiveX thingy?

I just wanted to test the 2.0 version without searching for newer 
versions of libs needed (which are, as far as I can tell).
(I come from the windows world and am quite new to linux, so this was 
the easiest way for me ^^.)
But in general, wouldn't it make sense, when some app run by wine 
launches a native linux app, to convert paths it gives to the linux app?

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