[Wine] winetools and ie6

Derek McGowan dmcgowan at deniment.on.ca
Tue Oct 10 06:21:38 CDT 2006

Hi Bryann ...

   Microsoft Internet Explorer no longer functions under WINE since 9.12 (or 
so) - there is now a built in version that is a royal pain to get working, 
and there has been SOME limited success in getting the full fledged version 
running, but I have a better solution for you - go back to Wine 9.10 , re run 
Winetools to set up IE6 - you may unfortunately need to start everything from 
scratch - after several hours of configuration nightmares, I have had no 
success in getting either the built in version (gecko engine) or MS' version 
of IE to run.

   If you really want to give it a shot, check out the APP Db at 
www.winehq.org - look up Internet Explorer 6 - there are instructions there 
on how to get it working - hasn't worked for me, but maybe you'll be 
lucky ...


On Tuesday 10 October 2006 00:38, Bry Melvin wrote:
> For some time I have been using  wine plus winetools on Ubuntu Breezy,
> allowing me to be able to use Internet Explorer on linux.
> When updating to the newer versions of Wine on either Brreezy or Dapper, I
> find that internet explorer n longer works.
> The winetools page shows two files that need to be downloaded wt-config.reg
> and ie6.reg along with winetools for wine 9.x
> No where can I find how to add these to the "registry" , or WHICH file in
> wine I am supposed to add them to, install them, or where to place them,
> What do I do with these?
> I have programs running under winetools that need ie for them to work.
> cureently I have been running an earlier version of wine to do this, but
> have recently made some additions that need the later versions of wine.
> Bryann
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