[Wine] winetools and ie6

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Tue Oct 10 08:27:58 CDT 2006

On Tuesday 10 October 2006 13:21, Derek McGowan wrote:
> Hi Bryann ...
>    Microsoft Internet Explorer no longer functions under WINE since
> 9.12 (or so) - there is now a built in version that is a royal pain
> to get working, and there has been SOME limited success in getting
> the full fledged version running, but I have a better solution for
> you - go back to Wine 9.10 , re run Winetools to set up IE6 - you may
> unfortunately need to start everything from scratch - after several
> hours of configuration nightmares, I have had no success in getting
> either the built in version (gecko engine) or MS' version of IE to
> run.
>    If you really want to give it a shot, check out the APP Db at
> www.winehq.org - look up Internet Explorer 6 - there are instructions
> there on how to get it working - hasn't worked for me, but maybe
> you'll be lucky ...
> Derek

Derek: Please don't top post. It screws up the flow of the thread.

Bryann: As Derek said, forget about getting native IE to work in wine 
yourself. It's a pita. Also forget about winetools, it does wierd 
things to your install and is a great way to have the devs on this list 
flame you out of existence by mentioning it....

rather install ies4linux (google for the url), it doesn't disrupt your 
current install and works out the box. It uses your current wine 
binaries, and creates it's own fake windows drive, leaving your .wine 
very much alone. But, don't expect support from this list for it. YOU 

If you really really want to know how to get native IE working, put 
these overrides in your ~/.wine/user.reg. I shamessley copied them from 

[Software\\Wine\\AppDefaults\\iexplore.exe\\DllOverrides] 1158326794


> On Tuesday 10 October 2006 00:38, Bry Melvin wrote:
> > For some time I have been using  wine plus winetools on Ubuntu
> > Breezy, allowing me to be able to use Internet Explorer on linux.
> >
> > When updating to the newer versions of Wine on either Brreezy or
> > Dapper, I find that internet explorer n longer works.
> >
> > The winetools page shows two files that need to be downloaded
> > wt-config.reg and ie6.reg along with winetools for wine 9.x
> >
> >
> > No where can I find how to add these to the "registry" , or WHICH
> > file in wine I am supposed to add them to, install them, or where
> > to place them,
> >
> > What do I do with these?
> >
> > I have programs running under winetools that need ie for them to
> > work. cureently I have been running an earlier version of wine to
> > do this, but have recently made some additions that need the later
> > versions of wine.

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