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Bry Melvin brymelvin at melvinart.com
Wed Oct 11 01:20:34 CDT 2006

Alan McKinnon <alan at linuxholdings.co.za> wrote: On Tuesday 10 October 2006 13:21, Derek McGowan wrote:
> Hi Bryann ...
>    Microsoft Internet Explorer no longer functions under WINE since
> 9.12 (or so) - there is now a built in version that is a royal pain
> to get working, and there has been SOME limited success in getting
> the full fledged version running, but I have a better solution for
> you - go back to Wine 9.10 , re run Winetools to set up IE6 - you may
> unfortunately need to start everything from scratch - after several
> hours of configuration nightmares, I have had no success in getting
> either the built in version (gecko engine) or MS' version of IE to
> run.

I was under the impression that the Gecko was AS IS from the Picassa project.This would be similiar to the browser call functions in some of the software  I use like PagePlus I think I didn't think its use in wine outside of Picassa had been fully implemented yet.

I used wine + winetools with 20050725 for about a year on Ubuntu Breezy,
With Dapper 9.0x I believe starting with 9.09 it choked.(on ie and a few other apps)

I have since installed Firefox1.5 it works somewhat well ....as a replacement for IE6, however two programs I use specifically call for ie6....no option...the even include ie6 on their Cds I They use ie6 for a preview in browser function. and it's incorporated in a help browser.
>    If you really want to give it a shot, check out the APP Db at
> www.winehq.org - look up Internet Explorer 6 - there are instructions
> there on how to get it working - hasn't worked for me, but maybe
> you'll be lucky ...
> Derek
I've played with these....some...but there's a second agenda in my efforts. I'm actually looking for "from a GUI" solutions. I'm writing a couple of magazine articles in which I'm comparing Wine/wine+winetools/Crossover as a solution.

I'm a retired Engineer, my readers are not.
Derek: Please don't top post. It screws up the flow of the thread.
This argument has been going on since about '82. (yes I know the internet isn't that old, I was on its predesessor (arpanet/milnet)
Bryann: As Derek said, forget about getting native IE to work in wine 
yourself. It's a pita. Also forget about winetools, it does wierd 
things to your install and is a great way to have the devs on this list 
flame you out of existence by mentioning it....
That's interesting: Of the five critical windows apps I need:
1 Works on wine as of wine9.19 alone
2 Work on Crossover
4 Work on Wine 9.19 +winetools (with some exporting functions not working)

# 5 Corel Graphics Suite doesn't work on any combination (except VM solutions)

If they don't like people using winetools, then maybe they need to look at what it does and implement something similiar.

As far as flaming out of existance: I already get around 2000-4000 spam emails a day.
(price of doing business on the internet and/or being published) what's a few more?  

rather install ies4linux (google for the url), it doesn't disrupt your 
current install and works out the box. It uses your current wine 
binaries, and creates it's own fake windows drive, leaving your .wine 
very much alone. But, don't expect support from this list for it. YOU 
I think I'll probably just stick with Crossover for ie6 use. I need others to to be able to duplicate my setup painlessly.Artists etc....not engineers. I'll have to figure out what additions winteools puts in that are making my programs work, and add them to a crossover installation bottle. Support is available from Crossover, if one gets flamed for winetools, maybe crossover IS a better solution for me to recommend,
If you really really want to know how to get native IE working, put 
these overrides in your ~/.wine/user.reg. I shamessley copied them from 
ies4linux:  thankyou I may play with this,,,,or possibly use this for an ODIN project (OS/2 and eCS wine parallel)

All this may futile. If some Wine developers are hostile to anyone using winetools, then I might hesitate to recommend wine use to people I talk to looking to replace unsupported  OS (win98 ME and OS/2) which all had updates stopped this past year .My experience so far is it works: WIne by itself comes in 3rd.
 I'm new on this list despite using wine ( and borrowing bits of it for ODIN projects) for the past few years. I am actually surprised by this as winetools has a place on the Winehq pages.

Guess I'll probably get flamed now, but my software testing has put wine+winetools as more functional than wine or Crossover. At least from a point of view of someone wanting to do Graphics production and migrating from Win or OS/2 to Linux (and work predominately from a GUI).

Think my next review I write will be on win4lin vs Parallels  for a migration solution.

Oh well ...at least I didn't top post!


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