[Wine] modem not initialised

Ian Couchman i.couchman at virgin.net
Thu Oct 12 03:57:28 CDT 2006

Hi all,
	I have one last windows programme to get working under wine before I can 
ditch my company's last windows pc, but so far I am stumped by it. The 
programme is supplied by our bank & is used to dial up to the bank, log into 
the network & do things like viewing statements, making bacs payments etc. 
The programme runs fine but when I try to connect to the bank I get an error 
message saying that the modem cannot be initialised.

Here's all the info I have:
wine version  9.9.22 (all other versions I have tried do the same)
distribution Debian Sarge

The options available to set up the modem (together with the settings from the 
windows machine)

Modem type	standard modem
Com port		com1
Baud rate 	115200
Initialisation	"&F"
Start of call	"D"
End of call	"HO"
Termination	"Z"

The modem works fine using wvdial, so I can rule out (I think) hardware 
problems, connections & permissions. wvdial uses /dev/ttys0, so I have set up 
the programme to use com1.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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