[Wine] Re: wine segfaulting

Bry Melvin brymelvin at melvinart.com
Thu Oct 12 13:03:12 CDT 2006

--- Nick Law <nlaw at nildram.co.uk> wrote:

> Pavel Troller wrote:
> > Hi Christoph!
> >   
> >> Hi Pavel,
> >>
> >>     
> >>>   Simple apps, like winecfg and notepad, run
> well. Other ones don't. For
> >>> some of them, wine dumps a lot of warnings
> before the segfault, but exactly
> >>> the same warnings are emitted on another
> machines, where the app runs well.
> >>> When the app fails, it even doesn't start to
> render its window. However, when
> >>> a virtual desktop is to be used, it appears but
> it's still empty in the
> >>> moment of the fault.
> >>>       
> >> Maybe there are old files from a previous
> installation of wine in this
> >> box laying around? Try to remove first all the
> wine related files first
> >> and then copy over your binary files again.
> I had trouble with installing a program called
> WebEngine on 0.9.22, it 
> turned out I needed to rm or mv my .wine directory
> to .wine.old, 
> something I have not done since wine 0.9.10. I ran
> winecfg which created 
> a new .wine and now webengine installs correctly.
> This may be worth 
> trying, it's not always the binaries in /opt that
> could be the problem.
> Regards, Nick
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Wine has been adding a lot lately...Gecko more
dlls...many have been added as a result of Picassa

this can occurr if the newer wine is adding a dll and

Your program which was running before on a native win
dlll now tries to use a new override.

There are also differences between winecfg.

an example here is .0.9.19 can have the windows Not
managed by the window manager.
 If I set that and revert to 20050725 which I had been
using for a production machine. It makes a mess as the
earlier version can't set  (or work well with that
option set)

IOW stuff in the .wine directory particularly changes
in wine configuration and dll overides can cause a
mess when upgrading the wine binaries.

I find the best way to test a new wine is to add a
user and test in the new user. first with a

This is a nuisance but other than a Crossover "bottle"
style setup very useful


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