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Hi Derek,

I'm an OpenSuse user.  I'm similar to you in that I use RPMs for installing most of my software.  However, the only piece of software that I REFUSE to install via RPM is Wine; like you, I always experienced strange things.  So, I've always installed it from source; it may be a bit tricky if you don't have all the right software installed, but for what you're missing, you can usually find it on the OpenSuse install CD/ DVD or http://packman.links2linux.org/.  Also, make sure you have the development and/or compling set of software installed.  (You need to do this via Software Managment in YaST.  See below.)  After you get the source, extract it, and as a regular user, run the wineinstall script in the tools subfolder.  Before doing that, you may also want to start fresh by removing (or renaming) the .wine folder in your /home/[username]/ directory.

When I first started using Linux, Wine was the very FIRST program I ever installed.  To top that off, I installed it from source.  It took some trial and error, but I got the hang of it.  So, give it a shot.

As far as removing the RPM, you will need to run YaST (should be in your launch/start menu).  Once that is started, you click on Software Management.  From there, search for Wine and uncheck it.  Click Accept at the bottom.  (This may not all be word for word since, at the moment, I'm on a computer that is not my own - which isn't OpenSuse.)  This will remove all the pieces associated with the RPM.


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I'll try to make a long story short.

  Suse 10.0
  Wine 0.9.20 - from RPM

   Have in the past run Winetools - am no longer (I got smart)

I have some funny things happening with my wine installation, for instance, I 
can no longer add Programs with winecfg, plus, only default settings lets me 
select Virtual Desktop.

   I uninstalled Winetools and Wine using the appropriate rpm command (I found 
it on winehq) and deleted the appropriate .wine directories, but feel that 
something in still wrong, like some remnant of wine was left in a directory 

   I'd like to use that RPM command to remove Wine again, but this time, I'd 
like to check everywhere to make sure nothing is left before I re-install - 
can someone tell me all the places that wine puts things?

  Also, obviously, I'm a bit new to linux and am not familiar with compiling 
(I strictly use RPMs) - would compiling wine give me different performance 
than installing RPMs?  I've tried to compile before, and I keep getting 
dependencies errors - I've never actually been able to compile ANYTHING - 
it's like I didn't install a whole section of software from my Suse CDs - any 
advice (even a simple link to a website that can help me) would be much 
appreciated - I hate not knowing things.



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