[Wine] re: Wine 1.0 criteria

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Sep 28 22:48:21 CDT 2006

Bojan wrote:
> Is there a list of criterias for a 1.0 release of Wine? I couldn't find
> one. I was looking in the developers mailing list. But there's only a
> collection of bugs that must be fixed. ...

http://winehq.org/?issue=320 has a summary of Alexandre's talk
at Wineconf recently.  It said in part:

"... a 1.0 release seems to be near... The current plan is to continue
working on Direct3D and get it stabilized. After that, a code freeze
will begin and the plan is to have it last about 2 months. The target
date for that is approximately the end of this year. Alexandre
mentioned we have some projects going on right now that are rolling
along nicely and it's probably worth letting those continue rather
than lose momentum."

In other words, the only official criterion at the moment is something like
"get Direct3D stabilized, and then spend a couple months fixing lots
of little bugs".

There aren't enough resources in the Wine community to absolutely
say "We will run applications A, B, C, ... X, Y, Z".   However, if there are
a set of applications you really care about, you can help get them fixed
by either helping with QA, by fixing the bugs yourself, or by contracting with
a developer to fix them."
- Dan

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