[Wine] Wine and games

Lengyel Sándor slengyel at chello.hu
Sun Apr 22 10:08:52 CDT 2007

Till and including wine 0.9.31 wine was becoming better and better playing 
(For example Ages of empires, and Mask of eternity.)
from 0.9.31 problems arise. I can say for sure that Ages of Empires and Mask 
of eternity does not run on gentoo amd64 (Running as a 32 bit program) with 
wine 0.9.35. (It runs slow) Mask of Eternity crash immediately. while you can 
start and play the game with 0.9.31, just cannot load saved games.)
To make sure I installed debian as an i386 mode and wine 0.9.35. Same problem. 
Things are worse than with 9.31.
I am happy anough with 0.9.31.  Will in latter revisions of wine will improve 
palyin Ages of Empires
 Lengyel Sándor

Hass, alkoss, gyarapíts,
S a haza fényre derül. (Kölcsey)

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