[Wine] fixme:storage:StorageImpl_Commit (0x324d040 0): stub and Corel Draw

Roland Kaeser roli8200 at yahoo.de
Mon Apr 30 01:34:55 CDT 2007

Hello All

I just made tests with Corel Draw 9 and 11 for 0.9.36 and recognized that this

fixme:storage:StorageImpl_Commit (0x324d040 0): stub

is already there. This prevents the Corel Draw line from copy and paste. 
Until 0.9.22 it could be fixed using the native ole32 dll (don't know why this dll because StorageImpl_Commit  is a part of itss)
After 0.9.22 something in wine prevents Corel Draw from been able to move things around (select a text object to move it to a other place) when ole32 is been loaded. Without, as described above, copy and paste didn't work.

Can ev. somebody take a look to this problem. I saw, after googeling something around, that this problem is a issue for other programs to.

Many thanks

Roland Kaeser

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