[Wine] Getting Grand Theft Auto 3 to work under WINE

chris montijn chrismontijn at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 08:02:35 CDT 2007


I'm trying to get Grand Theft Auto 3 to work under
WINE. The game installs fine. Applying the official
patch (version 1.1) went well. But then I ran into
some difficulties:

1: The video's would not play. This is not a major
problem and by pressing the space bar twice the menu
appeared. This has been reported earlier (see

2: The text in the menu is displayed as yellow blocks,
ot readable at all. The cursor is displayed as an
arrow with an enormous black box around it. This has
been reported also (see

3: The textures in the game are all very grey. The
gameplay works very well (at least for the first
minutes I played) but is doesn't look very good. This
has alse been reported (see

I have installed the latest WINE (0.9.36) under Ubuntu
Feisty. Is there anyway I can help to solve these
problems? I can do some testing on my machine for
example. Or are there other ways of getting this game
to work? Is some debug output useful, if yes with what
WINEDEBUG channels?

Regards, Chrs

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