[Wine] Sims are not running!

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Aug 1 10:22:16 CDT 2007

On Tuesday July 31 2007 18:47, Warren Dumortier wrote:
> Finally I could install the Sims, applied a crack but I can't luanch it :(
> I have this erro in a dialog box:
> Direct3D error : D3DERR_INVALIDCALL !
> Profram will be closed.
> (Translated from french)
> I really need to launch this game, attached the error log !
> Please help me, thanks

	Sorry, but this list isn't good place for asking to fix your problem (because 
most developers simply don't reading it - they prefer bugzilla). Please do 
the following:

	1) If installation works with current WINE please close your corresponding 
bug report as FIXED.
	2) Open new bug for your current problem with correct summary and brief 
explaination (copy/past from your message to this list will be enough for 
	3) Attach relay log with the error in your new bug report. You already know 
how to create it (however if you forgot and lost my previous messages feel 
free to ask again).

	New bug report for different problem and relay log will help to resolve your 
problem as quick as possible and get more attention from DirectX developers.

	Good luck.

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