[Wine] Fruity Loops

Travis Forghani travis at bowmanent.com
Wed Aug 1 11:34:24 CDT 2007

With Winetricks, Fruity Loops seems to be working well.  The only thing 
that is not working right now is the packs.  I can't figure out why the 
packs aren't working.  If I click on the bass pack, it produces sound; 
if I click on one of the choir packs, no sound is produced.  Linux reads 
the bass pack as pcm encoded.  Linux isn't able to read all the packs 
that aren't working.  I know that wav is a wrapper but if the bass pack 
is wav and the choir packs are wav then why is it that Linux can play 
the bass pack but not the choir packs?  If Movie Player can play wav, 
then shouldn't it be able to play all wav files?  I even tried 
installing all the gstreamer plugins to see if this would help solve the 
problem; it didn't.  I also tried installing RealPlayer and setting up 
the packs to be played with Realplayer.  The reason I tried installing 
the gstreamer plugins and Realplayer was to see if FL Studio relies on 
the codecs that are installed with WMP.  I guess not.  Can someone who 
knows more about WINE install FL 7 and test it to find out why the Packs 
are not working?  I've already checked the registry in WINE and compared 
it to the Registry in Win XP and they are exactly the same.  I also 
compared the directory structures and they are the same.


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