[Wine] Problem on installing MS VM on wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Aug 12 08:00:39 CDT 2007

On Sunday August 12 2007 11:20, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi L. Rahyen,
> - snip -
> > > What does it mean?  No MS VM found?
> >
> > 	ies4linux install IE to non-default WINEPREFIX. If you did
> > installation of
> > msjava exactly as I have suggested without exporting WINEPREFIX
> > environment
> > variable then it is expected result - IE from non-standard WINEPREFIX
> > (most
> > likely ~/.ies4linux/ie6) will not find msjava installed in standard
> > WINEPREFIX (that's ~/.wine).
> > 	See below how to solve this problem.
> >
> > 	Before you continue, please make sure you have latest WINE installed
> > - that's
> > 0.9.43! You may try with older version too but in case of any
> > problems before
> > asking for farther help make sure you have latest version. No one
> > will
> > support old WINE versions!
> I was compelled to downgrade to wine 0.9.33.  The story is as follow;
> After version 0.9.43 released I upgraded it on Ubuntu repo.
> Immediately thereafter I found the top tools-bar of IE disappeared.
> Then I force-downgrade Wine back to version 0.9.33 and reinstalled IE.
> Now I get its top tools-bar back.  I'm not alone sufferring this
> problem.  Folks on IEs4Linux forum also encountered the same problem.
> Report of bug has been made to Wine by them.

	As fas as I know there was some regressions related to IE but they are now 
fixed. For me IE6 works perfectly fine with current WINE. I can open sites, 
use menus, adressbar, toolbar, mediabar, etc.

> I'm prepared to try again upgrading Wine to version 0.9.43 on Ubuntu
> repo to see what will happen.  Before start any advise or precaution?
> TIA.

	I expect no problems with 0.9.43. What about precautions they are very 

	1) Do not use 0.9.42 (it has some IE-related regressions).
	2) You may want to backup your ~/.ies4linux/ie6 directory before doing 
anything with it. You can do that like this:

cp -a ~/.ies4linux/ie6{,.backup}

	Now you have ~/.ies4linux/ie6.backup with the backup. It is very unlikely 
that you really need this backup (probability to broke something is almost 
zero) so yeah, this is just a traditional precaution and nothing more.

> Yes, I'll test your script after successfully installing msjava from
> clean WINEPREFIX to WINEPREFIX with IE and let you know its result
> afterwards.

	Just copy/paste command I gave you and my script will do everything 
automatically for you; if you encounter any errors in my script don't forget 
to give me full terminal output (as an attachment in case of too big size). 

> > 	2) You can turn off temporaly all native overrides in order to
> > install msjava
> > within ies4linux's WINEPREFIX (this assumes installation works fine
> > with
> > clean WINE). This is not stricly equivalent of installation with
> > clean WINE
> > so if it doesn't work try first way.
> Noted with tks.

	I'm sorry for a somewhat silly question but what does "tks" means? Never seen 
this abbreviation before...

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