[Wine] cd problems?

Derek McGowan dmcgowan at deniment.on.ca
Mon Feb 12 20:54:04 CST 2007

Hi Dan ...

   I ran into the same problem running Suse 10.1 and Wine 0.9.30 - check
HKey Local Machine\Software\Wine\Drive - in Suse, the CD Drive does not
always exsist, and using winecfg to set it doesn't work, cause it finds
it at that point, but removes it later - set your cd-rom drive here -
mine stated drive q or something stupid, while during installation it
was drive D - 

Hope this helps


On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 20:31 -0500, Dan Mead wrote:
> Hi, has anything else noticed that as of sometime late last year games
> like
> jedi academy and call of duty have been broken?
> I had played COD1 and JKA under wine in gentoo and slackware for years
> but it seems something has changed in how wine does it's cd drive
> stuff. 
> I can mount and install either with the installer included with the
> game with 
> either the loki installer or the normal installsheild on the cd.
> Everything installs fine
> and it can start via the jamp script. But when I try and do something
> that requires 
> a cd check (create a game or join) it says theres no cd inserted.
> (this happens with a mounted cd and/or an iso, and yes the options are
> correct in winecfg)
> Anybody got an idea? Or am i stuck having to massively downgrade? 
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