[Wine] explorer.exe 100% CPU, again

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Thu Feb 15 06:51:45 CST 2007

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 02:01 -0800, Flying wrote:
> Thanks, Rahyen. Here are my answers:
> >	First, you said some time ago that this problem has
> been solved. It 
> > was really solved and everything worked for some
> time and then broke again 
> > or you simply didn't pay enough attention for
> checking this and you don't 
> > know?
> I thought it was solved, since right after I rebuilt
> wine (0.9.27 back then), it seemed that the
> explorer.exe problem went away. (I replied to that
> thread on that time.)
> But after a few days of usage, I found that the
> explorer.exe kept surfacing again and again (i.e., I
> don't what happened, but the problem went away only
> for that time when I tested wine after I built it from
> source.)
> Ever since then, the problem persists even I've been
> upgrading Wine from source for a few times already. (I
> always "make uninstall" the previous version before I
> "configure && make dep && make && make install" the
> new one.)
> > I assume that you don't know how to profile Wine so 
> here is 
> > the instructions:
> Thanks for your instructions. It did save me a lot of
> time digging around. Unfortunately, though, the
> callgrind.out.pid file I get from your instruction is
> always empty. I'm still trying to go through
> KCachegrind's documentation. But for the meantime, I
> cannot provide you any more information on what
> function consumes all those CPU power.
> Thanks again for your advice. But is there anything
> else that I can do now? (For the meantime, I'll
> continue reading KCachegrind's docs to make it work at least...)

Coming in on the side here, and feel free to ignore this. Is there
anything odd about your network setup? I've seen delays and cpu hogging
traced to that sort of thing. X, for instance, goes searching for you
online if you don't have a proper entry for in  /etc/hosts,
and this has lost some people 30 seconds in startup while they wait for
the timeout. 
In short, I'm saying 'pretend explorer is acting sensibly; what could it
be waiting for?' 

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