[Wine] TurboTax 2006 !

steve.alexander stevea at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 21 09:24:50 CST 2007

OK - no sooner do I send a help message than I resolve a big problem.
Lurking underneath the TuboTax startup splash was a Wine popup asking
that I install the Wine Gecko HTLM stuff.  I clicked "install".

Then a TTax window came up (again under the TT startup splash) asking
if I wanted to connect for updates.  The "continue" button seemed to not 
but closing that window allowed me to proceed.

Then I get the TTax major frame with a registration document inside - 
looks fine.
I select File->forms, the 1040 in the pop-up menu. .... Crash - COM Error.

None of the net access features work, and I suspect the MSXML3 problem is
causing much of the rest of the trouble.


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