[Wine] application screen cut off

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Jan 6 21:53:24 CST 2007

On Sunday January 7 2007 03:12, yuheng li wrote:
> well, I would love to help if I can, but the thing is that I don't even
> know the name of the game in English, all I know was that it's like SWD3,
> but I am sure that's not a name. And I don't know how to discribe the
> event, I mean it's part of the game, it was like it was playing an vedio
> inside the game, I don't know what's wrong with it, and don't know what to
> report

	In many cases reporters don't know what's the problem and that's why they 
write reports. So that's okay - just describe as much as you know. If game 
havn't English name then provide it as is. That's better than nothing anyway.
	But even if game name is unknown or tells nothing it is important to say 
where your game crashes. For example:
	"Game crashes when tries to play video (or at least I think that it tries to 
play a video - I'm not sure). I attached console output and compressed useful 
part of +relay log".
	Please note that you must post initial message in bugzilla without attaching 
any files (because it is impossible to attach files to first message) - just 
after posting decscription of your bug create "answer" with attached 
	Please try this (even if you havn't very much to say - say what you know; you 
always can tell more if neccessary later and that's main bugzilla purpose - 
collect informations about bugs by sorting corresponding discussions by 
numbers) - it is as simple as writing to wine-users but bugreports in 
bugzilla are much more useful for Wine developers. Wine's bugzilla here: 
http://bugs.winehq.org . Thanks!

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