[Wine] Is wine 0.9.22 the only working

Marco Venutti deadlinx at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 13 05:50:42 CST 2007


I'm a Ubuntu Edgy user, I'm using some win32 softwares
with wine 0.9.22,I think wine is great: everything
works perfectly!

Few days ago I see my wine version is very old so I
decided to upgrade to 0.9.29 but...
softwares I used perfectly with 0.9.22 don't work at
all with recent wine versions. :-/

I believed the more recent is Wine, the better
compatibility it has with win32 softwares but it seems
not to be so, d'oh! 

I wonder how to determine which is the best wine
recent version for win32 softwares I need, I hope is
not necessary to try every version. I see there's a
compatibility softwares list online, but  softwares I
need is not on that list anyway everything works fine
on 0.9.22 so what can I do?

I hope there's a solution doesn't leave me "freezed"
to 0.9.22 for the rest of my life ;-)



please be patient :-)


Vinci i biglietti per FIFA World Cup in Germania! 

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