[Wine] Is wine 0.9.22 the only working

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Jan 13 06:44:11 CST 2007

Saturday January 13 2007 11:50、Marco Venutti さんは書きました:
> I believed the more recent is Wine, the better
> compatibility it has with win32 softwares but it seems
> not to be so, d'oh!

	Theoretically yes. And practically almost always too... But sometimes not. 
And if not it is very good idea to report what problems you have.
	For me for example Wine 0.9.29 works better than 0.9.22. Please note that I 
have a lot of Windows software - 30+ and games. So my experience is wide 
enough to say that 0.9.29 is better than 0.9.22.

> - programs crash on start
> - sometimes they start but they immediately freeze

	For me everything works perfectly with new Wine. Can you please tell us more 
details? What programs you trying to run? What is their console output?

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