[Wine] Re: Any work done on the Com Ports?

William William at bademailaddy.com
Mon Mar 19 00:47:36 CDT 2007

roboknight wrote:
> Oh, and I forgot to mention, you have to add it manually.  Regedit
> won't let you add those for one reason or another.  So just cut and
> past it into your system.reg file and it should work okay.
Sounds good. I'll give it a try.    I really would like to use the 
application outside of vmware.  Vmware is taking such resource on my 1.7 
  that I bought an extra 1GB stick of memory just to try things... It 
helped a little but not as I've seen the performance of running the 
application in WINE.  Although again the COM port wasn't working but 
with the information you've posted I just might get it working.

Thanks a bunch, I'll post what I try and if it works....

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