[Wine] Re: How to get Cups to work with wine?

Paul Romanyszyn pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com
Mon Mar 19 00:47:38 CDT 2007

joe at actionline.com wrote:
> You wrote:
>> Don't search the files on your computer. Search the list of packages
>> available in the program you use to install stuff.
> I spent about 4 hours trying to figure out how to do what you
> suggested.
> Finally, I learned to proceed through the following sequence of
> "clicks"
> starting from Mandriva's STAR icon (i.e. "Start") and then thru these
> submenus:
>> System > Configuration > Packaging > Browse Available Software
> to see what packages were available; and then following that same
> sequence,
> except substitute "Install Software" instead of "Browse" I had to enter
> the root
> password and then I saw a window titled: "Rpmdrake" wherein I had to do
> some experimenting to finally figure out what to do next.
> I realize this is no doubt all elementary to knowledgable/experienced
> users,
> but for the uninitiated, trying to find one's way through all these
> steps is daunting.
>> Don't take this the wrong way, but the documentation for your
>> distribution should be the next thing you read.
> I have read and re-read documentation and dozens of dozens of websites,
> but it is terribly frustrating to try to find the information that one
> needs and then
> after days and days of searching, eventually discover that a *very*
> simple, clear,
> concise instruction could have provided the solution that one needed.
> On the "Rpmdrake" "Software Packages Installation" window, after much
> experimenting, I finally figured out how to find "libwine" ... and then
> another
> dialog popped up telling me of a bunch of other files that I would
> need.
> So, I went on another long search for all those, eventually determining
> that
> apparently those were already installed on my system.
> So then, when I went back to try to install the "libwine" packages,
> they
> had disappeared and no longer could be found by Rpmdrake.  Huh?
> Searching for "libwine" resulted in this message: "Search results
> (none)"
> Say what?  This is ridiculous.
> After yet more searching, it seems that apparently the "libwine"
> package
> got installed (without me realizing it).  Don't know how all that
> happened.
> But now, I have discovered that wine does find my printer and I can
> print
> from notepad.exe and from another small application that I had
> installed.
> However, Pagemaker 7 and Paint Shop Pro 7 (both of which worked under
> wine yesterday no longer work.  Wonderful. 
> What now?
For Mandriva with KDE you can use from Start -> system -> configure -> 
configure your computer program.
The side tab software management will give 4 tasks you can run.
To see what is installed go to the look at installed software....
Then search for wine

You may find that the auto update has installed an old version.  2005??? 
is greater the 0.9.????

I don't use the rpms for wine but I think the mandriva rpm from winehq 
is all you need.

So one method is to remove all wine related rpms install from the 
mandriva CD and install the one found here
Paul R.

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