[Wine] Re: Wine 0.9.9 Odd Start Default

glgxg glgxg at mfire.com.invalid
Mon Mar 19 00:47:45 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> glgxg <glgxg at mfire.com.invalid> wrote:
>> I am running Wine 0.9.9 on Ubuntu 6.061 LTS (Dapper) and have an odd
>> startup situation.
>> If I use the file browser to attempt to start a windows program
>> (installed or not) by double clicking in the file browser (Nautilus
>> 2.14.3) using wine the program will not start and instead one of my
>> other program (UltraVNC) will start instead.
>> If however I create a desktop link to the program the program will start
>> just fine. Further, if I run the program from the terminal from the
>> directory that it is located in, i.e., wine someprogram.exe the program
>> runs fine. Examples of desktop launcher property links that do work:
>> wine /home/user/.UltraVNC/tabbed_vncviewer_129.exe
>> wine "Z:\home\user\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\Blighty Design\spade.exe"
>> Is there some default wine configuration file that can be looked
>> at/edited to clear the browser start from defaulting to UltraVNC?
> This is not related to wine. wine does not have a configuration file
> which tells Nautilus (or anybody for that matter) how to execute
> windows binaries. The configuration is done inside Nautilus, and is
> obviously messed up. Read the Nautilus documentation.
> Daniel

You are correct (again :-). I went into the Synaptic Package Manager,
searched on Nautius, marked everything it found for reinstallation,
reinstalled, and all works as it should now. Thanks!

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