[Wine] Re: Off center graphics in World of Warcraft.

erickfis at gmail.com erickfis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:49:15 CDT 2007

jhansonxi at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm not having any problems with 0.9.23 and Diablo II normally during
> play except with the screen being shifted after a movie.  This has been
> a problem for a while.  I'm using a laptop with an Intel graphics chip.
>  Try running D2VidTst.exe and selecting a different video mode.

I'll try later.
BUT my problem occurs only in full screen mode:
The game screen is ok, but when I move my pointer (aka mouse) to the
top off the game screen, the screen scrolls up showing kde desktop. The
game looses it focus and when I get diablo screen back the keyboard
don't work any more.

Actualy I'm playing with -w option to work around this issue, but it
means that I have to play in a window, not full screen :(


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