[Wine] Re: Newbie with BibleWorks

Jonathan Allen jonathan at barumtrading.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 00:50:01 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> Jonathan Allen <jonathan at barumtrading.co.uk> wrote:
>>On trying to run the program, it looks as if it going to start, showing its main 
>>windows including some hebrew/greek fonts, but puts up a "Register Now?" 
>>dialogue.  Closing that triggers a page fault - BW's own error recovery simply 
>>repeats the cycle; selecting "Let the O/S handle this" generates the following 
>>output.  Where do I go from here ?
> Is there another option instead of "Let the O/S handle this"?

Sorry for the delay - family medical stuff took me off-line for a month.

It produces a dialogue box:

    BibleWorks has encountered a severe error and cannot continue.  Which of the
    following actions would you like to perform during shtudown?

       O Perform the options selected below and attempt to restart BibleWorks
         [+] Backup and Reset the main BibleWorks Initialisation File
         [+] Initialise all BibleWorks Context Tab Files
         [ ] Restart BibleWorks

       O Let the operating system handle the error.  If you choose this option,
         any information in open files will be lost.

                                                                << Shutdown>>

Selecting any combination of check-boxes in the top radio box gives information
about what it has done (ie saved the old INI file) and then stops, or if restart
was selected, loops back to the same error.


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