[Wine] Re: Newbie Problem: need Windows Printer Driver?

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:22 CDT 2007

rainer wrote:
> Hi friends
> I just started using wine on my Linux-machine. Mostly because I want to
> switch finally from Windows to Linux on my computer at work. There is just
> one single application I want to "take with me" and that is "GraphPad
> Prism" (http://www.graphpad.com/prism/Prism.htm).
> So I installed  wine0.9.20 on my Mandriva2007. Then I used wine to install
> Prism in its most recent version. Everythings fine, Prism starts, but I
> cant open any old file or even blank cheets.
> A quick google-research showed me that Graphpad knows the Problem (or a
> similar one (http://www.graphpad.com/faq/viewfaq.cfm?faq=815):

What kind of error messages are you getting from Wine (if any)? I am 
trying to see how you determined that the problem running under Wine is 
related to the FAQ. Just installing and trying to run the demo, I get a 
dialog that says "Unable to open file." whenever I try to create a new 

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