[Wine] SAPI (Speech Synthesis API)

Silas S. Brown nospam at cam.ac.uk
Mon Mar 19 00:51:02 CDT 2007

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Does anybody have pointers about using SAPI 5
speech synthesis engines (sometimes called a
"SAPI 5 voices") under Wine?  I've searched all
over the Web but can't find any mention of it.

Although English speech is well-supported in
Linux, speech in languages like Chinese,
Japanese and Korean is not.  Commercial
offerings are usually SAPI 5 speech engines, but
I can't find any mention anywhere of running
SAPI 5 under Wine.

Thanks.      Silas

(PS - yes I do know about MBROLA, but it lacks
TTS front-end for Asian voices and it has no
support for Chinese at all.  There are also
occasionally some Windows speech synthesisers
which are not SAPI-based and which will run
under Wine, e.g. Bider's Speech Plus for
Chinese, but that too has its limitations.
Things would be better if the hundreds of
SAPI-based voices out there could be used.)

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