[Wine] Re: Installshield and Wine

Marco Trapanese marcotrapanese at libero.it
Mon Mar 19 00:51:04 CDT 2007

Duane Clark wrote:

> That generally isn't a good idea, because the installer does other
> things like make registry entries, that don't get done when you copy
> over a folder.
> Looking here: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=2709
> I see that mplab apparently works. But supposedly, "it's important that
> in the winecfg application menu both IE6 and MPLAB are set to Windows98".
> So probably the thing to do is to go to:
> http://www.tatanka.com.br/
> Get ies4linux, and run it and allow it to install IE6. It will also
> create a new Wine directory structure, under ~/.ies4linux. It will have
> not affect on your current stuff under ~/.wine.
> Now, if this is the only Wine application you are interested in, just
> permanently set the environment variable:
> export WINEPREFIX="/home/marco/.ies4linux/ie6"
> Of course change "marco" to whatever your home directory is. You can set
> this permanently in your ~/.bashrc file.
> Now run the mplab installer. It should be installed into the
> .ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/ directory. Now try running the mplab in that
> directory, and with any luck, it will run.

I thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I will try this way.

However, I want to run MPLAB under Linux because I don't want to pay anymore
a Windows license.... but if I need IE6 I need also a win license!

Marco / iw2nzm

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