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magus kent nobody at spamcop.net
Mon Mar 19 00:51:53 CDT 2007

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Daniel Skorka <skorka at gmx.net> wrote in
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> magus kent <nobody at spamcop.net> wrote:
> People that ask for help in this NG and label themselves as
> linux and/or wine newbies typically share the following
> characteristics: 
> 1. They are unaware there is a native program that does
> what they want. 
  Quite rightly. I'm aware simply since I spent so much time 
on my own trying to solve my problems.
2. They tend to blindly follow any howto
> they can find, never mind the wine version it is for, or
> unusual setups the writer used. Which can lead to putting
> the DLLs into ~/.wine/fake_windows even though they first
> had to create that directory. 
  Agreed. But that is why there are how-tos.  Trying to find 
an answer in an easily digestible form.  With pages not being 
updated you have to take what you get.  
3. If the howto mentions
> ~/.wine/config, they will try to use it. 
  As above 
> You labeled yourself as a newbie, yet you balk at being
> considered a newbie.
  I guess there are degrees of being a newbie at anything.  
Its hard to really qualify the word 'newbie'.  Would it have 
helped if I had said this is about the fourth time I've 
dabbled/tried/whatever with Linux?  I see an old redhat distro 
in its box sittting on the shelf.  Yanking out another box of 
CD's I see Lorma LInux, Linspire, Yopper, Ubuntu, Knoppix, 
Simply Mepis.  Pretty boring to write all that info in..makes 
me sound like a loser anyway.  Easier to just type in newbie 
and go from there. That way everyone can assume a moberate 
amount of ignorance.  Seeing as how I'm asking about a 
particular program under linux and not what is the "any key"  
(big grin). Someone offers to help then go from there.
>> who may deign to answer my plea (sarcasm).
> Thank you for this hint. I cannot detect sarcasm if it is
> not clearly labeled as such.
  Neither can I (g)..
>> Second.  The more information, even if not germane, the 
>> better.  Different Win versions = different dlls as far as
>> I know.
> I assumed that you had a reason for mentioning your Windows
> version. You didn't say the reason, so I asked.
  Not a problem.
>> Finally.  Yes. Outdated.  Please point me to a current
>> How-to 
> The point is that a method that was correct 2 years ago can
> now be worse than doing nothing. For example, not replacing
> comctl32.dll seems to work better.
  Ok, I'll get rid of the dll I put in and rename the fake dll 
which wine put into that directory when it was installed back 
to comctl32.dll  (now that sounds confusing).  WHen all the 
info you have to go on is two years out of date you have to 
use it.  I don't know if its still good or will bork 
everything up.  Usenet is current and I rely on the info from 
the people nice enough to keep answering the same newbie 
questions.  But I prefer to search on my own before bothering 
the folks who seem to keep answering the same 'stupid' 
questions every day.  I don't have the patience for that I'm 
afraid. Thanks for the help (seriously) and the conversation.  
Sometimes I have a bad day and snap back instead of just 
ignoring things...m

> Daniel

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