[Wine] Re: HOWTO configure internet access

Frank Busse frank at busse.oche.de
Mon Mar 19 00:51:54 CDT 2007


thx again for your advice. The full log is now available at the same place.

(No, I'm not running into the cited error. I'm starting from v1.5)


Daniel Skorka wrote:
> Frank Busse <frank at busse.oche.de> wrote:
>> Would you have a look at the log extract in 
>> www.busse.oche.de/tmp/20061215wininet.log? I inserted comment lines 
>> (starting with "###") for update start and error messages.
> I think the problem may be in those lines:
> trace:wininet:HTTP_GetCustomHeaderIndex L"Set-Cookie"
> trace:wininet:HTTP_GetCustomHeaderIndex Return: -1
> The program needs to call HTTP_InsertCustomHeader before this is useful.
> So I guess the program is buggy, although it would be better if you linked
> the complete log.
> Anyway, are you certain you aren't running into
> http://www.phase6.de/phase6/opencms/phase6/Haufige_Fragen/#27
> ?
> Daniel

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