[Wine] DVDRebuilder ?

lordy spam at lordy.org.ukinvalid
Mon Mar 19 00:52:41 CDT 2007

I'm having trouble getting dvd Rebuilder installed. Error is same as this


The solution does not appear to be exactly the same as suggested for windows:

The Language thing might be a red-herring as far as wine is concerned as I found 
a registry setting (of sorts) here:

( http://shorl.com/jerisatrahitra )

according to my "wine regedit" the Default and InstallLanguage keys are both set to "0409"
US English Locale IDs. ( http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/lcid-all.mspx )

My PC is however British English? Could that be it?

[lordy at morpheus ~]$ env | grep LANG

I know some other people have ReBuilder working ok.  Anyone know what needs to be done?

Lordy "grasping at straws"
[ Sorry if I've posted twice on this. First post taking too long to show on server ]

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