[Wine] World of Warcraft problem with Wine 0.9.31

mcr mcr at mcrs.dnsalias.com
Mon Mar 19 00:55:04 CDT 2007

I use Ubuntu 6.10 and just yesterday an update was offered of Wine 0.9.31 which I accepted 
(Maybe its my Windows roots, where every update has to be performed to keep it secure).  
I then found that World of Warcraft was crashing out. Unfortunately my Nvidia drivers mean 
that Metacity/Wine/Whatever does not redraw the screen, so I cannot actually read the error, 
but it is a WoW crash as such, caused by Wine and not a generic Wine error, One window does 
re-draw and it is a crash report made by Blizzard so I can make out their offer to send the
report. Anyway,  Anyone know if this is a known issue with the latest wine or do I report it 
somewhere?  If it's a known issue I will patiently wait for another update and boot into 
everyone's hated OS in the interim for my WoW fix.  What I am asking here is basically is 
anyone else having this issue?

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