[Wine] Re: winecfg/pixel shading -> not working, various Steam (CS:S) ?s

jhansonxi at gmail.com jhansonxi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:55:37 CDT 2007

On Mar 3, 11:39 am, wakeboarder3... at gmail.com wrote:
> wine version: 0.9.22

Current version is 0.9.32

> 1.)  A troubleshooting page I read said to try disabling the pixel
> shader to gain fps.  As this was a good suggestion it somehow made the
> game play much worse  I now pull about .1 fps.  When I ran winecfg
> again to try to set it back, it check's the box just fine.  Even If I
> run winecfg again to see that it "saved" my setting, it shows it is
> still checked.  However when I enter a game, the pixels aren't shaded,
> and the fps are still .1.  I even went into the user.reg file in my
> USER/.wine directory and found the line:
> [Software\\Wine\\Direct3D] 1172848535
> "PixelShaderMode"="enabled"
> Is there a known problem / fix for this that I just can't find?

If Wine is set correctly then check the game's settings to see if it
changed video settings in response to the change in Wine.

> 2.)  At least in my opinion I think this is a sound related error.
> When I try to load the audio tab in winecfg it chugs for about 5
> seconds and gives me this "error":
> error loading jack library libjack.so
> then it says something about loading a default one for me.

Jack audio is just another sound system option.  Try changing to only
Alsa or only OSS.  Also try different settings for emulation and
acceleration.  If possible, disable sound in the game to see if the
problem goes away.

> 3.)  I can only run Steam from root.  If I run it from my user i get a
> huge long error I'm sure you are all familiar with.  What permissions
> on what files do I need to change so I may run the command:
> WINEDBUG="fixme-all" Steam.exe

>From a terminal logged in as the normal user:
chmod -R username:usergroup ~/.wine

This will change all file ownership to "username" and "usergroup"
except for some links in ~/.wine/dosdevices (don't change those unless
they point to directories already owned by the user).

If none of this works, rename the .wine directory and start a new
one.  Just run winecfg and it should be created automatically.  Then
pick reasonable settings for video, audio, and drive mappings and try
installing the game again.  Don't override any DLLs initially.

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