[Wine] VPN-Clients

tarpit at solnet.ch tarpit at solnet.ch
Tue May 8 15:41:30 CDT 2007

There is a SonicWall Pro 2040 to which I successfully established a VPN tunnel under
Windows XP using SonicWall VPN client.

Now, I'm looking for a way to establish a VPN tunnel to the same SonicWall device under
Installing the SonicWall VPN client under wine 0.9.27 failed ans as far as I understand
a posting of 2006 it's doubtful if this type of software will ever be installable under

vpnc is not troublefree either, as I don't have a translation table for the terms used
by vpnc to those used by SonicWall and a I could not find any configuration pattern for
SonicWall devices either. Additionally vpnc seems to be specialized on Cisco devices
which reportedly use some sort of a pseudo VPN instead of a real one.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards

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