[Wine] Porting a Win32 application using Winelib...

Rod rodzilla at free.fr
Wed May 9 14:23:32 CDT 2007


I'm currently trying to use Winelib to port a fairly big
windows application to Linux. The application consists of
quite a lot of DLLs, some of which don't depend on the
Win32 API (they can be compiled with gcc).

I think I read all available documentation, but I still
have a few questions:
- is it possible to link a linux binary with "linux"
  shared libs and "winelibs" (i.e. compiled and linked
  using wineg++) dlls ? And if it is, how ?
  (current status : I managed to compile all shared libs
   and the linux binary, but when I run it, it crashes
   for no good reason in a function that is in a winelib
   DLL ; I'm pretty sure I did something wrong since I
   didn't do anything to initialize winelib and the DLL's
   DllMain function is not executed)
- what are those spec files, what should they contain and
  how should I "compile" them ?
  I tried to follow the winelib documentation (putting
  "init DllMain" in the spec file and building it using
  winebuild and winegcc), but this didn't work at all.
  Adding the spec file to the list of object files when
  linking seems to be OK, but I'm not sure I understand
  why those empty spec files are necessary.
- I have 2 winelib DLL's that depend on each other. Is
  there good way of solving circular dependencies (I
  merged them into a single lib for now) ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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