[Wine] Re: Porting a Win32 application using Winelib...

Rod rodzilla at free.fr
Sat May 12 03:24:46 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> The first thing to do, though, is probably to put together a minimal
> test case whose source you can post.

Here's a very small example that consists of:
- a wine dll
- a wine exe that uses that dll
- a linux exe that tries to use the DLL and crashes (inside
  the function defined in the wine dll).  I guess I should
  use and initialize the winelib in that exe, but I didn't find
  anything about how in the winelib doc.

I tried to use the wine_init function, but it crashes (while
trying to create a thread IIRC).

Any idea ?

Best regards,

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