[Wine] running .exe with space in path and getting a crash

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon May 21 13:45:37 CDT 2007

On Monday May 21 2007 12:03, Wladimir Mutel' wrote:
> 	Hi,
> 	I use wine 0.9.37 under Kubuntu 7.04.
> 	I insert USB drive, it gets mounted as /media/something,
> 	then I run an executable (installer) from the command line
> 	with wine :
> 	wine /media/something/some\ folder\setup.exe
> 	And I immediately get the messagebox :
> 	"Access violation at address 004097a6"
> 	"write of address 00400000"
> 	The only workaround was to copy the executable into my home
> 	directory, and run it from there :
> 	wine ~/setup.exe
> 	What information should I apply to report this as a bug ?

	Are you sure this is Wine bug (that is, did you try to launch application 
under windows with same command in MS-DOS emulator)? Why do you think that 
problem is because of spaces? What happens if you instead of copying just cd 
to  /media/something/some\ folder\ and launch it with wine ./setup.exe?
	I think that your problem is because of typical for Windows applications bug: 
it is required to run it in current directory otherwise it cannot find 
itself. This is stupid, but some Windows applications have this bug. This is 
because they expect Windows Explorer behavior when you try to launch 'em. 
This also can be a problem if you use GUI file manager and will try to launch 
buggy Windows application - in most cases your current directory will be ~ 
and buggy program will crash.
	This can be solved only with an wrapper script. Your problem also can be 
solved in this way but I personally prefer to cd to an application's 
directory and launch it from there; if this doesn't work and I suspect that 
this isn't Wine fault I try to launch it with full Windows path (rare, but 
some real world applications doesn't work without full Windows path). After 
launching it successfully I typically create an alias so I can run, say, 
XnView just by typing "xnview" in the console in any current directory.

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