[Wine] running .exe with space in path and getting a crash

Wladimir Mutel' mwg at mwg.dp.ua
Mon May 21 07:03:11 CDT 2007


	I use wine 0.9.37 under Kubuntu 7.04.
	I insert USB drive, it gets mounted as /media/something,
	then I run an executable (installer) from the command line
	with wine :
	wine /media/something/some\ folder\setup.exe
	And I immediately get the messagebox :
	"Access violation at address 004097a6"
	"write of address 00400000"

	The only workaround was to copy the executable into my home
	directory, and run it from there :
	wine ~/setup.exe

	What information should I apply to report this as a bug ?

	I remember real Windows API uses quite non-trivial logic when
	executing programs with space in the executable path, like
	probe the longest possible filename with spaces or without, etc.
	May be Wine authors should reimplement this specification more
	closely, or document this feature of their implementation.

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