[Wine] How to set default font and the subsititution font?

Song Zhiwei songzw at gmail.com
Sat May 26 02:58:20 CDT 2007

The SystemLink works well but the default font works sometimes.

Applications use "Tahoma" as the default font sometimes, eg. the
buttong label of winecfg,
and still use stsingkai.ttf in other times, eg. the menu of notepad.exe

system.reg contains the following content:

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontSubstitutes]
"MS Shell Dlg"="Tahoma"
"MS Shell Dlg 2"="Tahoma"

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontLink\\SystemLink]

2007/5/25, Nigel Liang <ncliang at gmail.com>:
> > Then the second problem is How to set the
> > substitution font of a font? If the encoding of a
> > char is not in the range of the encoding of the
> > font, then the substitution font is loaded. If I
> > set "Tahoma" as the default font and simsun.ttf as
> > the substitution font of "Tahoma", then wine can
> > show acsii via "Tahoma" and chinese words via
> > simsun.ttf
> This can be done by adding the following entry in ~/.wine/system.reg
> -- snip --
> [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows
> NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontLink\\SystemLink] 1150441842
> "Tahoma"=str(7):"simsun.ttf\0"
> -- snip --
> This registry specifies that simsun should be used as a "fallback"
> font for Tahoma in case the char is not present in Tahoma. Similarly,
> you can also add font link for other fonts.
> -Nigel

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