[Wine] updating wine version?

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Sun May 27 10:39:15 CDT 2007

On Thursday 24 May 2007, tparker wrote:
> I'm not having luck finding anything online that gives me clear-to-a
> linux-newbie instructions for how to change versions. Can anyone
> point me to something? I found some instructions on the wine-wiki but
> ran into trouble getting them to work, all I could find on the Ubuntu
> forums stayed with the older versions in the repositories.

If you want the latest version that's in the Ubuntu repositories, 
simply "apt-get install" it or use the front end installer of your 
choice. Ubuntu versions are quite up to date, usually only a month or 
two at most behind the absolute latest

> Also, should I be using the absolute newest wine version or is one
> slightly older more stable?

wine has not been released yet, heck it's not even in an alpha testing 
stage at this point. There are only monthly interim snapshot releases, 
and nothing is marked as 'stable' as such

New features and bug fixes are eing added all the time so you will 
normally get best results by keeping your wine up to date with the 
latest from wine-hq

Do you plan to install the wine packages built for Ubuntu by the 
maintainer, or are you game to compile it yourself?


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