[Wine] Should I report my problem in Bugzilla? Outcast problem.

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Sat Nov 10 07:08:18 CST 2007

L. Rahyen schrieb:
> On Friday November 9 2007 22:25, Rémi G. wrote:
>> And I got a new error :

try compiling with -fno-stack-protector.
Or get the fix from commit 7cd9a8f8dc9536393e4e6042ae18bfb89b8671e5.
apply the patch with:
git show 7cd9a8f8dc9536393e4e6042ae18bfb89b8671e5 | patch -p1

Though I don't know if it applies cleanly to wine-0.9. But should be
easy to adapt the changes if necessary.

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