[Wine] Can't get OpenGL to work

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Nov 18 06:47:56 CST 2007

On Sunday November 18 2007 10:39, Markus Hitter wrote:
> I bought Intel because many people consider Intel's open source  
> efforts to be the currently most advanced.

	Open-source is great thing but not always it is "the best". This is one of 
the reasons why WINE exists: to support Windows closed-source programs and 
games. Of course there is some number of Windows open-source programs too.
	I understand that it is great thing to use free open-source programs, 
open-source drivers, etc. and nothing else but today this is almost 
impossible for most PC users. For example, I use closed-source video driver, 
closed-source Windows programs (mostly with WINE and sometimes with VMWare) 
not because I like closed-source software but because I havn't a choice.
	And everyone who want all modern 3D features have no choice too because only 
closed source drivers today have full support for all features in videocards. 
I don't like this too but I cannot change this. Only people who working on 
Linux video drivers can change this.

> Sorry, I fail to see how insisting on specific hardware solves a
> problem. AFAIK, Wine is meant to emulate Windows and any difference
> in application behaviour between Windows and Wine is a bug.

	Yes, but WINE cannot replace hardware driver for videocard by definition. 
Driver is a kernel module, WINE is a userland application. Software emulation 
is theoretically possible and it is available on Linux but it only useful for 
program that don't require modern 3D graphics features (for example, some CAD 
	If your program (in this case I'm talking about Catia) works in virtual 
machine but doesn't work on Linux with WINE there is good chances that it is 
because of WINE bug.

> > Sorry that I cannot give you more advises; as I already said, I
> > know very
> > little about non-NVidia videocards.
> Obviously, it's a problem of how Wine tells applications which
> hardware is available.

	No, it is only a problem of your videocard and driver. And you should should 
report a bug to developers of driver if something works in Windows but not in 
Linux *only* because of broken code in the Linux driver. Of course if 
something doesn't work with NVidia hardware and driver too then this is 
definitely WINE bug.
	Please note that I'm talking here about oZone3D and other applications/games 
with modern 3D graphics - all of them will not work with your hardware/driver 
and this is not a bug WINE, it is a bug in your video driver (the kernel 
module) or hardware that don't support modern OpenGL features.

> Anyways, I've put an entry into AppDB (currently to be reviewed) and
> filed a bug <http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10490> to track
> the issue.

	In case of Catia modern graphics might not be required and this might be a 
bug in WINE that prevents it from running. Thank you for creating AppDB entry 
and bug report. Your help to the WINE project is appreciated.

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