[Wine] Wayward Directories

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Nov 25 17:47:14 CST 2007

David Baron wrote:
> Moveing the .wine and recreating it did solve the directories problem
> setup.exe does not work but winecfg does.
> Some programs are being run off the windows partitions.
> Some were installed in wine specifically.
> While some programs run fine, others cannot find stuff like mfc42.dll and such 
> which should be ubitquitous. Problem is that they look on c:
> \\windows\\system32 or such. My windows is would be \\win98\\system...
This is NOT supported by native windows and thus will NEVER be supported
by wine.  If you are attempting
to mix Wine and Windows, don't.  This will not work.  If you
need/require a native dll from Windows, copy
it into .wine/drive_c/windows/system32.

>  The 
> only one I have is on the c:\win98\system. These are not found 
> on .wine/drive_c/windows.
Again, what you are attempting will not work and if it does work, can be
broken with the next release of Wine.
> Also orignally, wine used both its own registry and the one on the windows 
> drive (read only). This was apparently carried over but moving that .wine 
> took this away. Some registrations were read from here but it probably made 
> more trouble than this was worth.
Wine has and uses its own registry.  Windows has and uses its own
registry.  Never the two will nor should meet.

As stated by L. Rahyen, this is the way Wine in Windows is designed to
work.  Why, because Wine is NOT Windows
and never will be (or can it be for legal reasons way beyond the scope
of this mailing list).  Wine is designed to be a bridge
between the Windows Application Programming Interfaces and the
underlying operating system.  Some folks use
Wine to interface one version of Windows to another.  Thus the
requirement for one registry for Wine and another for
the underlying Windows OS.  For most of the users, Wine is the only
'version' of Windows on their computer. 


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