[Wine] Ruckus on Linux

Rick Knight rick_knight at rlknight.com
Mon Nov 26 17:41:53 CST 2007


You can quote the white space like so...

yourmachine$ cd this\ is\ a\ windows\ filename

The backslash escapes the space or any special character. You can also 
surround the filename with quotes...

yourmachine cd "this is a windows filename"


Douglas A. Whitfield wrote:
> I wasn't sure how to access the wine dir except through the GNOME GUI, 
> but I figured that out.  Now the problem is that Ruckus resides in the 
> "Program Files" dir and I don't know what to do with the space.  I'm 
> afraid I'll break my other WINE apps by changing the dir name. 
> On Nov 26, 2007 12:24 PM, wrote:
> ...
>     Douglas> builtin wine: could not load
>     Douglas> L"c:\\windows\\system32\\Ruckus.exe": Module not found
> Where did you put 
> ruckus.exe? And how did you start the programm
> It seems that wine doesn't find ruckus.exe. Go ahead and find it. If the
> drive on which ruckus resides is not accessible for wine, make it
> accessible. "cd" to the directory in which 
> ruckus.exe resides and start wine
> there.
> ...
>     Douglas> I think this is<i> not </i>what you need, but I&#39;ll go ahead
> And why do you resend everything again as HTML?
> Bye
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