[Wine] How to install .NET ?

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Thu Oct 4 02:24:21 CDT 2007

Am 03.10.2007 um 22:46 schrieb DARKGuy .:

> (take a look at it from the
> developer's eyes: It'd be better to make it install anyways and  
> avoid the
> customer tell you that it didn't work when they didn't had the needed
> dependencies installed)

Obviously, this developer closes eyes for the case when his version  
of the dependency doesn't match what other parts of the system  
require which is usually the case after the first system update  
(patch for .NET in this case) at latest.

It appears, the only choice to get rid of such destructive  
assumptions is to hack the installer or to install on another system  
and transfer the files really needed. Both is likely a tricky thing  
due to registry entries and thelike.


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